Allan Dixon’s Overnight Kennel Stay to Raise $10,000 for AWLQ

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Dubbed the ‘animal whisperer’ and ‘real-life Dr Dolittle’, environmental conservationist Allan Dixon is the man that pioneered the animal selfie. From quokkas to kangaroos, the Irish-born vlogger has struck a pose with some of the world’s most iconic animals, earning the approval of over 500,000 Instagram followers.

Now, Allan is leveraging his platform to give back and create change as the latest talent to join the Fund My Challenge ambassador team!

His challenge?

In light of International Homeless Animal Day on Saturday the 21st of August, Allan will be sleeping overnight in a kennel at Animal Welfare League Queensland, in his words “living like a dog” for a day and experiencing the unfortunate reality faced by unwanted and neglected dogs around the world.

Allan’s goal is to raise $10,000 to match the nearly 10,000 stray and homeless animals the AWLQ assists every year.

Evidently, AWLQ is an organisation close to the animal whisperer’s heart.

“I’ve been to their shelters and met the people, every single volunteer and worker puts so much love into these animals,” Allan said.

Starting with an empty kennel, Allan will need your help via donations to buy him care. For every $1,000 goal hit, you can provide him with necessities and comfort from a mattress, blanket and pillow to his meals.

For the past 60 years, AWLQ has been creating a brighter future for animals in need, and have a lifesaving promise to never euthanise a healthy, sociable, or treatable animal in their care.

All animals that arrive on the AWLQ’s doorstep receive a vet check, are desexed, microchipped and treated for parasites. Such care can be costly, which is why the organisation relies so heavily on the generosity of community donations.

The money raised through Allan’s challenge will provide medical aid to dogs in need and help find them new families.

“I dislike charities when your money gets lost in administration – that’s not the case with AWLQ,” Allan said.

They run a tight ship and really maximise your donations.”

On his passion for animals, Allan says it goes far beyond selfies.

“I love helping animals get adopted, contributing to conservation, or raising funds for them – it means everything to me and has become my life.

“If I can inspire even one person to make a change, I’m on the right path.”

Previously, Allan has supported the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, the Rescue Center in Costa Rica and the Brisbane-based Death Row Unchained charity, which prevent animals from going to slaughter.

“For me, it’s always been animal-related.

“There’s a real joy in helping charities – the friendships you make and the experiences you have are priceless.”

Sleeping in a kennel overnight will certainly be extreme, especially in the winter, but Allan says it’s all about bringing awareness to animal welfare in an entertaining way.

The vlogger hopes to make audiences question their own life and privileges, and what their life would be like if they lived in a kennel.

“If the dogs can’t speak about life on the inside then at least I can speak for them.”

Allan will be documenting his journey across multiple platforms, including the Fund My Challenge app, his YouTube channel and his Instagram stories.

To save dogs from the shelter, get on board the Fund My Challenge app and become a World Changer today!

If you want to help support Allan and help his stay be a little bit more comfortable you can donate to grant Allan these items:

Mattress $4000
Blanket $1000
Sheet $100
Pillow $500
Dinner $200
Water $50
Tea/coffee $70
Breakfast $250
Walkies $400 for 15mins
Lollies/chocolate $300
Jumper $700
Eat Dry Dog Food $800

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