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Fund My Challenge is so excited to announce our newest charity partner – Animal Welfare League Queensland! For the past 60 years, AWLQ has been creating a brighter future for animals in need and has become one of Australia’s leading animal welfare organisations.

In 2019/2020, the AWLQ helped to:

  • Adopt 5878 animals
  • Foster 2542 animals
  • Desex 23,000 animals
  • Reunite 2052 animals
  • Treat 27,955 animals



From the Getting to Zero euthanasia initiative, which means no healthy, treatable or sociable animal is ever euthanised, to the National Desexing Network, Golden Hearts Program and Emergency Boarding Program, the AWLQ not only provide animals a second chance in happy homes, but are also committed to keeping pets and their families together.

Anji Johnson, Corporate Relationships and Fundraising Manager for the AWLQ, says this purr-fect partnership with Fund My Challenge will revolutionise the way the AWLQ is able to raise donations and awareness for animals in need.

“A lot of people understand the AWLQ is animal shelter but don’t fully grasp all the different programs and services we offer the community,” Anji said.

“The great thing about partnering with a platform like Fund My Challenge is that not only will the greater community actually be able to support and donate to the AWLQ in unique ways, but it amplifies our reach.”

You can now support and help raise much-needed funds for AWLQ by downloading the Fund My Challenge app, creating your own challenge and donating!


As the name suggests, animal welfare is a huge focus at the AWLQ.

AWLQ provides a safe haven for close to 10,000 stray and homeless animals every year. To every one of these animals who we welcome through our doors, a promise is made – to never euthanise a healthy, sociable, or treatable animal. AWLQ make this promise to the animals in their care and their supporters – it is this promise that separates them from any other animal welfare organisation in Australia. 

Their dedicated team of staff and volunteers work tirelessly every day to maintain this promise. They provide the animals somewhere safe and warm to stay – they are part of the AWLQ family until they find their new family.

All animals receive a vet check, are desexed, microchipped and treated for parasites. Sadly, some arrive in poor condition or ill health and AWLQ’s dedicated team foster carers make it their mission to bring them back to good health. They take away their pain and suffering.

Such care can be costly, which is why the AWLQ relies so heavily on the generousity of community donations.

AWLQ was the first organisation in Queensland to open a community vet clinic to the public. This unique service makes essential vet care accessible to all pet owners including those previously unable to afford treatment for their pets. AWLQ’s Community Vet Clinics assist pet owners so that they never need to face a decision to unnecessarily euthanise or surrender their much loved pets.

One of the most crucial ways donations are helping the AWLQ at the moment is through their Emergency Boarding Program, which helps to care for animals and whose family are in crises.

Due to the housing crisis occurring on the Gold Coast right now, people who are currently homeless are trying to seek their own emergency boarding, meaning they often don’t have the capacity to look after their animals at the same time.


“This is where AWLQ step in,” Anji said.

“We look after animals when their family can’t by arranging emergency foster care so people can focus on seeking assistance.

“To make life a little bit easier, when the animal returns to their family, AWLQ will often provide assistance with food, litter, toys and leads. This provides the owners peace of mind knowing the needs of their beloved companion will be catered for while they are getting back on their feet.”

AWLQ is committed to creating a brighter future for animals in need, and with your support, they will!

The Fund My Challenge community can help the AWLQ in a number of different ways.


“Firstly, adopt from our shelters!” Anji said.

“Give an animal a second chance at life – it’s not just dogs that we have here, we also have cats, guinea pigs, rats, roosters. Plenty to choose from!”


If adoption isn’t an option, become a foster carer! AWLQ’s Foster Program saves thousands of lives every year.

“Through fostering, you are able to look after an animal for a few weeks to a few months depending on their individual circumstances,” Anji said.

“Then, the foster animal comes back and we can find them a loving new home.”

Fostering is one of the most important ways you can help animals in need. And AWLQ believe that all animals who come into their care deserve to have the best possible chance at finding a loving, permanent home. AWLQ’s foster carers have one of the most important roles at the shelter – they allow AWLQ to keep our promise to thousands of animal every year.


All money made from AWLQ’s Op Shops goes to supporting them in saving the lives of thousands of animals every year. If you can’t stop at one of the op shops, you can always donate to them!

“Instead of giving your clothing or second-hand items to a random bin on the side of the street, drop it off to an AWLQ Op Shop,” Anji said.

We take almost any item and there are a range of AWLQ Op Shops on the Gold Coast to choose from – there is even one in Beaudesert and Ipswich. There are also volunteering opportunities in AWLQ Op Shops.

If you’re a business owner or work with a school, you can even opt to have a donation tin on your counter tops and receive donations from the greater community on behalf of the AWLQ.


Volunteers are the heart of AWLQ and without their energy, talents and time they would not be able to save the lives of close to 10,000 animals each year.

AWLQ volunteers make such a difference to the lives of the animals in our care by contributing their time in a variety of ways

 – from enriching the lives of animals, running our ops shops, or collecting donations.

To join our community of world changers, download the Fund My Challenge app on the Apple and Google Play stores today!

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