Brown Snakes


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Event date: 23rd / 24th July
Time: 24 hours
Location: Currumbin Vikings Surf Club

A MOTLEY crew of MAMILS (Middle Aged Men in Lycra) known as the ‘Brown Snakes’ are set to ride their trusty pushbikes non-stop for 24 hours to help their mate Jed Cahill.

Jed was recently diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of brain cancer – GBM Grade 4. Jed’s prognosis is terminal without receiving life-saving treatment in Germany. The cost for the treatment is extraordinarily high and will take up to seven months to administer, during all of which he must reside overseas.

Named after an inside joke about cyclists having ‘shoulders like brown snakes’ the Snakes will stage the ‘Ride For Jed’ fundraiser at his beloved Currumbin Vikings Surf Club on July 23-24.

Up to 16 cyclists in groups of four at a time will ride 10km relay laps from Currumbin to Kirra around the clock in the hope of raising at least $10,000 for Jed’s trip.

The Ride for Jed is a cause close to the heart of Brown Snakes member and proud Currumbin local Troy Brown, who lost his sister to cancer and has battled the disease himself.

The Brown Snakes will be sharing details of the ‘Ride for Jed’ on social media and would love your support to help make it a success.

You can help support Troy and the ‘Brown Snakes’ challenge by donating today and becoming a world changer.