Chelsea needs heart surgery

Chelsea needs heart surgery


Chelsea my beautiful sister has unfortunately been diagnosed with a ‘significant’ PFO which essentially is a hole in the atrial septum which is meant to seperate the top two chambers of the heart, we are all born with this and by early childhood it becomes closed. However in Chelsea’s case unfortunately this has not closed and the hole in the atrial septum has enlarged over time and has now become a extremely life threatening situation for Chelsea through the mechanisms of allowing un-oxygenated blood to mix with the oxygenated blood through a right to left shunt, creating a pathway for blood clots to shower the brain and other organs, severe adverse events such as a TIA – Transient ischaemic attack organ failure may follow and in this case she has already suffered a small stroke, the urgency for the surgery is that she is at a very great risk of suffering another stroke or a heart attack which this time would be catastrophic and likely be fatal. ❤️

After countless specialists appointments and thorough investigation over the last 3 months this condition has been diagnosed and requires immediate surgery.

Heart surgery alone to close the PFO has been estimated at around $30,000 which consists of the device closure itself, cardiologist fees for performing the surgery, anaesthetist, transoesophageal echocardiogram, hospital fees etc.

Unfortunately Chelsea has been unwell for 3 months now, her persistent debilitating symptoms include fainting spells countless times every single day, cognitive disfunction, weakness of her limbs, daily chronic vestibular migraines with constant dizziness.. Due to the seriousness of her condition she must be extremely cautious and needs to be monitored 24/7 and can no longer adequately care for her two baby girls Catty and Raffy and she cant even pick them up anymore.

Her husband Pablo has been inundated with the current costs of specialist appointments, living expenses for his family which are exasperated by being unable to work whilst caring for Chelsea full time and the family are now under a-lot of stress and are mentally / physically drained .

Please help Chelsea so she can get back to her healthy loving self allowing her to be there for her two beautiful daughters Catelya and Rafaella, let’s bring her back to the amazing mother & wife we all know and love. Her family really needs her and she deserves to be around to watch her children grow up.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you ❣️

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