FreezeHof 40 second Challenge for Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

FreezeHof is a 40 second Ice Bath or (Cold Shower) challenge, inspired by Wim Hof and his Method.

Every 40 seconds someone somewhere takes their own life.

We want to raise $40,000 for WHITE CLOUD FOUNDATION’s Mental Health Initiatives.


Meals for Mums

The service provides these women with nutritious, home delivered meals with the aim to help alleviate the stress of having to prepare food for herself and other members of the family. The service also provides phone support, opportunities for social connection and links to additional community services.


Tele Mental Health

The aim of this program is to combat the development of mental illness while it is in early stages. Health professionals will work to address symptoms, reduce risk factors, build resilience, and arm clients with strategies to better manage their mental health.  This service is offered free to patients and there is no need for a mental health plan to access it.


Fundamentals for Men

White Cloud aim to provide men with the right practical support at an early stage to prevent depression from developing, and to build their resilience for the future. These services include budgeting and creditor management, career counselling, resume and job interview preparation, home repairs and gardening assistance, exercise advice, access to gyms and exercise groups.


Fundamentals for Women

The program recognises that women do suffer from depression and anxiety, and they often put the needs of others before themselves. The services include: relaxation and self-care, housecleaning and babysitting, exercise advice, access to gyms and exercise groups, budgeting and creditor management and resume and job interview preparation.


This challenge has raised:

Raised $29,938.43 of $40,000 goal