Lismore underwater… a heartbreaking cry for help

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Lismore underwater… a heartbreaking cry for help


It’s a flood of record breaking proportions, surging water at heights and in places not before experienced.


Houses and businesses are underwater, towns have been isolated and residents forced to flee their family homes. The Lismore CBD and surrounding areas are completely submerged and the situation only made more heartbreaking knowing that many home and business owners are uninsured.


The local community and world changers from surrounding areas are providing urgent supplies and rescuing stranded residents, however the situation is expected to get much worse in the coming weeks as the clean-up and salvage operations begin.


Fund My Challenge through the Global Awakening Fund are working to raise money for those most affected in Lismore and their lives changed forever.

If you’re able to help please make a donation and know that your contribution will be used to directly assist those in need, when they need it.


Please donate what you can.

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