Urgent! 6 siblings fight to stay together and stay afloat!

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Urgent! 6 siblings fight to stay together and stay afloat!


Six Gold Coast siblings, aged between 10 and 17, one with special needs are being cared for by their seventeen-year-old sister following the passing of the children’s mother from breast cancer in 2020.


The six children are desperate to avoid being separated and sent into foster care and are working with various organisations to keep the siblings together until the eldest has turned eighteen.


To add to their trauma, the children’s grandmother had moved in and was providing care for them, however the children arrived home from school one day to find their grandmother deceased, adding another layer of grief to try and process.


Making things more complex for the siblings is that they have been involved in a domestic violence situation so their privacy is paramount. The eldest child “Sarah” has had to leave school and is working part time to care for her 4 sisters and 1 brother, who has a disability; however, the family are now in need of urgent assistance with Gold Coasters urged to provide a helping hand.


Sarah’s car has broken down and is in need of a new alternator, the family home, purchased with the mother’s life insurance is in desperate need of some maintenance including repairs to a broken garage door, dish washer and stove, while the vacuum has also recently stopped working.


On top of this, there is a considerable weekly food bill and other domestic costs related to looking after a home and rapidly growing family of six.


Despite their challenges, the kids remain positive and are extremely supportive of each other.


2000Hearts, Carers Foundation and Serving Our People are doing some amazing work behind the scenes but they need our help to stay together and stay afloat.


Sarah and her siblings thank you in advance.


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