Zartayah and her mum need help in Lismore 

Hello! I am writing in hopes you’ll receive this message in regards to the flood affects of 2022.


A little to our story:


My mums well known salon went under completely with not a thing being able to be saved.
My mum has owned the business for almost 14 years now and has lived in Lismore for all these years. She is a well known and loved beautician in this area. The past few months my mum has been treating herself, her customers and renovating her shop. She spent thousands on product/ new and updated machines ect, unfortunately not a thing was saved.
This is not the first flood my mum has truly lost everything in, it’s the second. However this time she’s unsure of how or where to start. She has so much passion for her work, but without an income it also takes a toll on her everyday.
I would love to get the word out for my mum, she hates taking or asking for help off anyone and is one to do things herself whilst suffering in silence. I want to give back.
This is just a touch of insight of such damage this has caused
Every bit counts

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