Doing it for the Diabetics


Fund My Challenge Charity Manager Tessa Dinnes has successfully reached her goal of raising a $1000 to support research into finding a cure for Type 1 Diabetes. Tessa established an achievable challenge, pledging to walk 120,000 steps over the course of a week, in support of the 120,000 Australians who currently live with the condition.

In 2016 at 22 years of age, Tessa received an unexpected Type 1 Diabetes diagnosed after experiencing symptoms, falling ill, and eventually being admitted to hospital.

Tessa explained her diagnosis, ‘When I was admitted to the Gold Coast Hospital, my blood sugars were reading at 38, a non-diabetic would sit between 4-8.’

Five years on and Tessa is still coming to terms with the toll this condition takes on her daily life, ‘I think the hardest part of Type 1 Diabetes is that you never get a break from this condition, there are never any days when you get to live and not worry about your blood sugars and counting carbs and insulin injections.’

Committed to playing a small, but crucial part in assisting researchers to find a cure for Type 1 diabetes, Tessa easily eclipsed her $1000 dollar target, achieving an impressive $1364 in just seven days. Despite living with the often-debilitating condition, Tessa’s inspiration for her challenge was to

raise much-needed funds for fellow Australian’s living with Type 1 Diabetes.

‘I was truly blown away by the amount of donations! It means so much to me that people wanted to support my challenge. Research for Type 1 Diabetes is so important and to be able to say one day, ‘I used to have Type One Diabetes’, would be incredible and it will not be possible unless research for a cure is funded.’

Tessa is proof that you can make a world changing difference in a short period of time with Fund My Challenge.

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