Frequently Asked Questions

I want to raise money for a specific charity, but I can’t see it in the Fund My Challenge pre-approved list of charities. Can I still select my own charity?

When you upload a challenge, you’re presented with a pre-approved list of charities that you can select as beneficiaries. We’re adding charities to our platform all the time and if the one you want isn’t there, we’d love to hear from you.

It’s important to us that they money you donate goes to legitimate charities and towards the causes that you intended it to. So, before we approve charities to be added to our platform, we check them out to ensure the funds are going where they say they’re going, that there is a cap on their level of admin fees and that a number of other policies and processes are in order. Once we’re comfortable that everything checks out, we’ll add them to the pre-approved list for you to select.

All you need to do is contact with the name, website address and contact details of the charity. We’ll check them out as quickly as possible so you can start your challenge but please be aware this could take up to 30 days to complete.


I work for a charity and would love to be listed as a pre-approved charity. How do I do this?

We’d love to have you on board! Click here to fill in your details. We’ll work closely with you to get your charity onboarded and ready to receive funds from our challenges! You can also email us at to set up an initial consultation.

I want to raise money for a great cause, but the beneficiary isn’t a registered charity. Can I do this?

You’ll be able to very soon! At this stage, the platform only facilitates fund raising for registered charities, but watch this space as a crowd funding feature will be added in the near future.


I set a fundraising goal but didn’t meet it. What happens now?

That’s OK, every dollar raised helps. Even though you may not have reached your goal, the money you have raised will still go to the charity or charities you nominated when you set up your challenge.


I want one of the ambassadors listed on the Fund My Challenge site to support my challenge. How do I make this happen?

Whilst Fund My Challenge Ambassadors would love to support every challenge, they’re only able to select a lucky few to boost on their socials. To increase the chances of being selected, make sure you get creative with your challenge and share it on your socials using the hashtag #FundMyChallenge.


I want to raise money for a few different charities / causes, but I only want to set up one challenge. Can I split the money amongst multiple charities?

Yes, you can! We recognise that there are various causes that may be close to your heart. With Fund My Challenge, you can nominate up to 5 charities to share in the money you raise. The funds will be split equally amongst your nominated charities. All you need to do when you set up your challenge is choose between 1 and 5 charities from the pre-approved list. Easy.