How to Get Your Challenge Trending

How to Get Your Challenge Trending

At Fund My Challenge, our team of ambassadors, influencers and celebrities will work to amplify the challenges which resonate with them, however there is also an important role for you to play.

It’s important to understand what makes a challenge trend, and what you need to do to ensure your challenge makes the biggest impact and is seen by the largest possible audience.

There are two main ways to get on the trending page- organically and through our ambassadors.

Be creative, passionate and genuine! 

The more people that join your challenge, the more chance you have of it trending! Keep your challenge videos short and sharp, but just as importantly creative, entertaining and unique.

Remember, your challenge can be physical, social or mental – it might be as simple as spreading love and complimenting a number of strangers and colleagues each day for two weeks.

It doesn’t have to be extreme like Chris Walker’s epic 2000km walk, however it’s important to make sure that you clearly articulate your challenge, the charities you are raising money for, when you are starting and when you will finish. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, have fun and the easiest way is to find a challenge or cause that’s close to your heart.

Having trouble choosing a charity? Remember you can always donate to the Global Awakening and nominate where exactly you want that money to go. You may want to donate blankets to the homeless or help those who have lost their home to a fire. Whatever it is – we can do it!

Post continuously!
Your followers and potential donors will want to see you’re really doing the work, it is a challenge, after all! Be sure to continuously include information on how your challenge is going, let the audience know what sort of response you are getting, where you are at and when the challenge will finish.

Check out our Instagram @fundmychallengeapp and see how former NRL player, Chris Walker, is providing daily updates as he walks for 66 days from Cairns to the Gold Coast!
The more familiar people are with your cause, the more likely they are to jump on board and make it trend.

Look at what our Ambassadors are doing
Our ambassadors have the unique ability to “boost” challenges which resonate with them, amplifying your challenge and message and garnering more donations for your chosen charities.

Ensure you nominate them on the platform and share and tag them on all your other social platforms to increase the chances of your challenge and cause being supported by one of the Fund My Challenge Ambassadors.

Check out their socials to see where their hearts lie. One look at actor and presenter Lincoln Lewis’ Instagram page will show he has a heart of gold when it comes to animals. He’s supporting the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital for his first challenge, 14,000 steps for 14,000 animals.

Check out the trending page!
Have a look at what other members of our community are doing – from who they’re supporting to the types of challenges they’re undertaking.
Think about what the most pressing issues facing our community today are, and who you might like to support to help this cause. Looking for inspiration? Browse our list of charity partners here.

Think smart
If it’s Summer, consider a water-based challenge. If it’s December, think about what you can do to be generous and giving. Is it Halloween? Consider doing a different makeup look for every day of October.
There are endless possibilities and no limits to the change Fund My Challenge can make.

Share, Share Share!
Social networking is super effective. Share your challenge on all your other social media and encourage your friends and family to participate and donate on the platform.
Be sure to use hashtags – these make your challenge easier to find and more likely to be shared. Some examples to get you started: #FMC #WorldChanger #ChallengetoChange

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