How We Protect Our Donors


Fund My Challenge exists to make a meaningful difference, one which cannot be achieved without the altruism of our amazing donors.

Here at Fund My Challenge, we want our donors to know we are there for them in an up-front, honest and supportive manner.

We put transparency before the transaction with strict vetting processes, from the charities we support to the ambassadors and influencers we get on board.

These processes ensure we only partner with charities that can prove exactly how they spend their donations. We instil confidence in our community that their money is going exactly where it’s supposed to.

“We are on the front foot of transparency, it’s one of our core values,” says Theodore Vairaktaris, Fund My Challenge Chief Executive Officer.

“Our charities have agreed that any funds raised through the Fund My Challenge platform must be spent on the charitable purpose and within 12 months, so they’re never banking funds for possible future events.”

Much like our charities, our carefully selected influencers and ambassadors are those striving to make a change in the world, not simply those with a large audience. When it comes to influencers, if they are not influencers for cause, they’re not on the Fund My Challenge platform.

Every one of our influencers and ambassadors is actively involved in charitable work.

“If they are not already an ambassador for another charity themselves, they are undertaking some form of charitable work, whether that be appearances or endorsements,” Theodore says.

“We want to make sure we’re aligned with our influencers – from the causes, they support to our core brand values. It’s very important that our influencers are portraying the right message to the public and their communities,” adds Dan Carruthers, Fund My Challenge Chief Operations Officer.

Without our ambassadors and influencers, we lose our ability to get our community’s challenges broadcast so widely. Our model distributes a small percentage of funds raised to those involved to ensure we can continue to raise money for those who need it most.

This model also means charities do not have to pay for ambassadors themselves.

“At the end of the day, our influencers are a business just like we are a business. We encourage them to donate their commission, but their real impact lies in accelerating challenges and bringing further donations and awareness to causes of need,” Theodore says.

Through our website, our donors have access to all of our internal documents, from vetting processes and ambassador kits to brand guides and marketing documents.

“We are making our full company transparent – we’ve got nothing to hide,” says Dan.

Following a donation, our donors receive follow-up emails, detailing how exactly their money has helped the person or cause.

“You’re going to know exactly what your dollar has done,” says Dan.

“Let’s say it’s food relief – you’re going to know exactly how many people were fed and for how long.”

We protect our donors by keeping them informed, involved and invested at every step of the way.

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