About Us

Driven By Kindness,
Fuelled By Fun.

We Do Good, Differently.

WE EXIST TO MAKE A MEANINGFUL DIFFERENCE. We believe in the goodness of humankind and that people do genuinely want to help those in need. We also know there’s a lot to be said for fun and entertainment.

So in 2021 we launched Fund My Challenge; a challenge app that raises money for charities and those in need, by leveraging the influence of people to drive generosity like never before.

We connect those wanting to implement change and make a difference, with celebrity ambassadors who have the ability to ensure a cause is seen and supported by as many people as possible, and we do it through fun and entertaining challenges. We also make it possible to support multiple charities through the one challenge, allowing you to nominate up to 5 causes to benefit from your fundraising efforts.

Transparency underpins everything we do. From how we operate, to the charities we partner with. Because we are for the people, we are part of your community.

Fund My Challenge exists to inspire and empower people to do good, differently. We’re proud to say we want to change the world. And with our community, we will.

Our Culture


Our Essence

To inspire a global community of world changers, who use connection, kindness and love to change our planet for good.


Our Vibe

Fund My Challenge exists to inspire, empower and encourage people to do good, differently.


Our Promise

We do what we do in the name of love, gratitude and kindness, always.

Our Defining Pillars


Our Agreed Values

How good is our community!! The team at Talli Golf Club have donated $2147 through Fund My Challenge to support The Preston Campbell Foundation. 

Fund My Challenge - more than just a platform. 

If you want help running a fundraiser or campaign, complete the form on our website below :

#fundmychallenge #campaign #charity #fundraising
Amazing work by firstchoicesolar for their generous donation to Fund My Challenge charity partner, prestoncampbellfoundation. 

Preston Campbell Foundation develops programs and opportunities which inspire and mentor participants to achieve their aspirations and dreams. 

#fundmychallenge #charity #fundraising #fundraise #prestoncampbellfoundation #firstchoicesolar
Breast Cancer survivor Claire Symons is determined to pay it forward and support national Breast Cancer charity for young women, So Brave 💕
Together with the wonderful crew at Aardvark Adventures in Hobart, Claire has created the challenge SO AARDVARKING BRAVE FOR SO BRAVE, the Kunanyi Abseil Challenge 😎
Claire hopes that by sharing her story and raising money and awareness for this wonderful charity that she can help support the women that come after her 🙏
Join Claire, Aardvark Adventures, and the So Brave team on 9th April as they abseil beautiful Mount Wellington, conquering their fears and raising much needed funds for sobraveofficial 💜
To register or donate, visit fundmychallenge.com and help change someone’s life 👇👇👇
#fundmychallenge #FMC #SoBrave #breastcancercharity #breastaware
For the Northern Rivers townships of Grafton, Ballina, Tumbulgum, Murwillumbah & Tweed Heads, it’s devastation on a scale never seen before.
A year’s worth of rain in less than a week, it’s being compared to the great floods of the fifties, however long time locals claim this is far worse and they really need our help. 
If you would like to assist those in need and help home owners and businesses to rebuild, please visit the link below to make a donation.

#fundmychallenge #FMC #northernriversfloodrelief #helppeopleinneed
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